MIXON srl is a dynamic company founded by a team of young professionals who operate in the field of industrial batching.

The company is engaged in the design and production of batching plants, as well as in the modification, maintenance and reconditioning of existing plants.

The study of new products led to innovative solutions in batching industry, also in terms of own patents. The main innovations consist in the design of containment hoppers with bolted and removable anti-wear materials; closed chain systems for the transport and dosing of powders and micro granules; a new range of  moving batching plants for construction sites and precast. 

The main characteristics which define Mixon srl are:

  • sturdiness (for long term investments)

  • safety of the labourers ( in accordance with EU directives)

  • versatility

Special attention is given to Cleaning and Maintenance of the plants.




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